Being Young but knowing Old

I read a couple things today which jogged my memory.  The first item was that actress Yvonne de Carlo passed away last week at a nice old age.

My dad would be glad to know she made it so far, as he was very fond of her loveliness.  I think he watched the movie The Ten Commandments just to see her in a gown with a rope around her waist.  She also played Lily Munster on a favorite tv show.

This connected in my mind with my previous job as a hostess in a restaurant chain

muttering—my brief stint at working way too hard for minimum wage while having the waitresses (who would collect so much more in tips) barking at me to take a pitcher of water to Table 8, and the manager telling me that my job was not his job.
I did two weeks training time, two weeks tolerable duty, and two weeks notice.
Collected 3 paychecks, then didn’t set foot in the place for 3 years.

in a way of a slimly threaded memory, but one I hold very dear to my age and confidence in my fellow Baby Boomers.
And I just realized that I already wrote about the whistling customer awhile back.  Oh, that was when the actor who played Grandpa Munster was laid to rest, less than a year ago.

The other item I thought to be of interest was over at Waiter Rant.  He wrote a post about a young waitress who would recognize a connection to an old movie.  The comments remind him that young folks have access to just about everything ever done in media, so it is easy for any one of them to know about some obscure little film.  A couple even tell him to stop putting so much emphasis on age and more on what’s interesting.

I’m thinking that 1313 Mockingbird Lane does belong to those of us who own up to quite a tally of years.  We who never had the luxury of taping a tv show to watch later.
We made sure our homework was done, supper dishes finished and put away, popcorn popped, and seats claimed amongst siblings in the living room.

My spouse tells me that many old tv shows can be purchased on dvd, so maybe someday we’ll be sitting in the living room again—re-living childhood.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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