About One Third of the Way done

This morning I got myself all settled in at the breakfast nook table.  There was a full pot of Red Rose brand tea, a new box of 100 blank envelopes, two ink pens, and my box of Rolodex cards.
My purpose was to write names and addresses on the envelopes, making sure especially to have one return for each Holiday Greeting we received last month.
We didn’t get quite as many paper cards and letters this year.  I’m thinking some folks are checking our blogs on a regular basis.  And a couple of the usual card-senders are no longer with us.  This last year has been hard for the Obituary writers.

There were four updates which got all new cards, and I had to call my mother to learn a cousin’s address.  She doesn’t have it, but told me to send one to the old place, since their married daughter and grandkids live in the house now.  Must be a nice property, to keep it in the family.

She also said that three people have asked about my newsletter.  They want to make sure they weren’t missed, or I’m not mad at them.  I guess the old saying “you are off my Christmas card list” means something to certain people.

So there it sits….a box of 86 envelopes with names in black, block letters written on the fronts.  Next, I have to muster up the incentive to stuff and stamp them.

After sitting so long, to work off some of the stiffness in my joints, I climbed onto the stepstool to change the curtains in the bathroom, swept the floor in there, and took out the trash.  Doing just that little bit helped with the smell.  When we ever decide to remodel, the bathroom is long past due.

The cold sun of winter was out for at least two minutes, but the sky quickly went back to steel gray clouds.  I’m glad I got the red shawl mailed off yesterday, which was a fine time for a walk.

Today, I’ve stayed in, watching the squirrels scamper all over the yard.  This was necessary as my eyes and hands needed a bit of relief from the task at hand.

Gonna go see what I can rustle up towards supper.
Some hot vegetable soup comes to mind.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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