More than Yarn made it funny

The other day I was at the public library looking for something else, when I came upon a book by William Taylor. Knitwits c1992

Being a part of the needlework group the last couple months has made me very aware of yarns and knitting and craft sale preparations (as if my years of crochet haven’t been more than adequate).  And a book whose cover picture of a boy sitting on a closed toilet with yarn and knitting needles in his hands definitely needed further investigation.

The Synopsis is: “Nine-year-old Charlie Kenny’s life becomes chaotic when he gets himself into a bet that he can knit something for the baby his mother is expecting.”

This morning, I read it.  It’s reading level is maybe for a Third or Fourth Grader, so I had no problems finishing in just over 2 hours.

Many memories from younger times came rushing in—about a strict teacher, the class clown, trying to get something done as a secret surprise while living in the same house with the surpris-ee person.

Even though its main character is a boy, I’m not sure any of my sons would have liked it during their grade school days.  Even most girls would find the story a bit contrived, since each person seems to have a position to carry the plot along.

It does fit the politically correct notion that a boy can learn to knit and a girl can get into trouble with the hockey coach for cussing.

The book was a nice way to pass a couple hours when I should have been doing chores or making phone calls.

And I’m so jealous of the author’s ability to get me to laugh at the teacher’s exasperation, a father’s attempts at housekeeping, and a neighbor who should probably mind her own business.

A witty turn of a phrase is talent indeed.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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