Away he went

My mister went away for job training in Chicago for awhile.
This morning he kissed me good-bye in the parking lot and went into his office like it was any other day.  He said I didn’t have to wait to see him away on the train.
I was sitting in the kitchen reading the paper when I heard the whistle.  An hour later, he called from the train with his cell phone.  He said the whistle I heard was not the train he was to board.  He was on one which was about 45 minutes late.
So much for AMTRAK having a prompt schedule.  It seemed to be just as well that I hadn’t waited.  Although I would have liked to see him climb the steps of the train, just like in the movies.

I have applied to be a Substitute Teacher’s Assistant in Unit 5 Schools.  Today, all the paperwork got turned in, my fingerprints recorded, photocopies done.  This seems to be the way to get an IN with a good school district.
I get the idea that permanent positions are promoted from within an already established employee pool.

I made sure I had a couple wetwipes in my purse for the mess I expected with the ink during the fingerprinting procedure.
Turns out, it is all done with a laptop computer.  The clerk held each of my fingers and rolled them over a second screen while a little light traveled across like a copy machine.

This is the time of day when his bicycle comes up the walk and gets parked in the garage.
I didn’t especially miss him until now.

Keeping busy, though.  A meeting tonight, laundry to fold, a shopping list to get ready.

~~love and Huggs, Diane


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