We’re Still Neighbors

This is Saturday, the morning when Husband and I go out for breakfast.  For one reason or another, we haven’t been able to go for the last 3 Saturdays.  Even yesterday, I was thinking, “Wow, tomorrow we’ll be able to have a date with pancakes!” and last evening, just before we settled in to watch our show NUMB3RS, my spouse looked at me and hopefully asked “Is there any reason we can’t go out for breakfast tomorrow?” so I knew he has missed our routine as well.

We got to sleep in an extra 45 minutes after the usual weekday alarm clock time.  Nice, very nice.  I take a leisurely shower and it’s still not 8 o’clock yet.  We are out the door, hands on the handles of the car, when our neighbor pulls up.

He seems much more gracious this morning.
Maybe Saturday time is good for everybody.
He tried to apologize for treating my mister so abruptly the other evening.

I told him I tried to go outside and talk to the guy, explain that he was doing too much and we would take care of our yardwork ourselves, but he didn’t seem to understand.  And yes, he did come back again and tried to rake some more, but finally left.
Then he says the fella he hires to do these little odd jobs is homeless, and a bit off in his head, iffen ya can understand that.

And Yes, after a small matter of neighborliness, breakfast tasted even better.

The yard is doing just fine today.
Husband says he will run the mower with the mulching blade soon, so that will take care of the leaves and some of the sawdust left from the tree removal.  We prefer to leave a bit of cover over the winter for birds and other critters, so most care of the yard gets done in the spring.

Thank You for your concerns.  One would think I have learned by now that such matters will eventually get sorted out.
Especially when about leaves on the ground in autumn.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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