My Knickers in a Knot

You wouldn’t believe what’s going on!

For the last couple hours, I’ve been hearing a dang-blasted leaf-blower being used by the maintenance man hired for the rental house next door, which actually is owned by the pain in the derrierre realtor who lives down the street.

I came over here to the computer, put up the blinds.

This is what I see:

Note the nice semi-circle away from that garage and into the part of the yard I should be raking soon.

And this one taken with the other hand stuck out the window

See that nice clear driveway?
It’s because the brown leaves are blown onto our property!

There’s a sweet lady, retired schoolteacher who rents the place.  She doesn’t have much say in how and who does the upkeep.

I’ll tell ya, I’ve been attending the Mennonite Church for years, but I’m not sure I can be peaceable about this.
Although past experience tells me that battling with the owner is a lost cause.

Maybe we’ll get a wind storm tonight, so by tomorrow, nobody will know the difference.

This is picture proof it happened!

~~love and Huggs (I sure need some) Diane

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