These are for Charity Craft Booths

Ya know, I had all kinds of pictures of these items.
Different angles, close-ups, individual pieces.
Then I decided to just put them together and call it good’nuff.
The background is cluttered because the resting place is the bench of the work table on the patio.  I wanted the afternoon sunlight rather than flash.
I hope the colors stand out brightly enough.

There are 10 potholders, 6 straight bookmarkers, 6 cross bookmarkers, and a crib-size afghan which measures 45″x36”.
All crocheted of varying weights of cotton yarn during the last few weeks.

Nothing exciting or angelic touches for their story, although I do try to match the colors, and to make sure the stitches and knots hold strong.
They are going to be sold in a Craft Booth in a place supported by the church I attend, which means there needs to be just a bit of eye-catching quality in my work.

During the making of these goodies, I watched videos of Mona Lisa Smile, Secondhand Lions, Mr. Holland’s Opus, and Apollo 13.

I listened to the CDs Lost Frontier by Peter Buffett (he’s Warren Buffett’s son), Blue Ridge by Wayne Gratz, As I Am by Kristin Chenoweth, This is the Moment and What I Meant to Say both by Donny Osmond.

Plus whatever was playing at the coffee shop, or the concert at Kemp Recital Hall on the ISU campus, or whoever was talking across the table wherever I was, even during the Fellowship Hour at church.

I mention all this because my crochet bag is pretty much a constant presence.  There are times when I put the CD into the player, then sit down with a promise to myself that I will set aside the hook and yarn when the music stops.
Once I get into ‘the Zone’, I need to have the timer to make sure that other daily activities get carried through.

It is a good thing that all those pretties are the end result, because really, my energy and attention often are needed elsewhere.  There are times when I find it difficult to balance what I want to be doing and what needs to be done.

Speaking of, supper is going to be salmon on the Foreman Grill, along with whatever else I can pull from the freezer or pantry.
I’d better quit blogging and begin cooking!
~~love and Huggs, Diane

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