Sun-Maid Raisin Girl

Over at Susie’s place there is a post about ladies wearing hats, so when I saw in the Sunday Chicago Tribune about the Sun-Maid Girl and her bonnet, I just knew there could be a nugget for a blog post.

Although I am unable to get a direct link to the article written by Nancy Watkins, my husband helped me out with photos of the pictures as printed in the paper delivered to our porch.

Here we have the latest look for the Sun-Maid Girl. 

And here are some different roles she might be offered in her life as spokesperson Dairy Queen….Empress-ive….Basic Black….Parade Ready

Further research on the ‘Net found the official website for the Sun-Maid girl,
and then Citizen of the Month did a fine write-up with historical pictures.

Nice thing about our blogging for the ‘Net is being able to link and not have to worry so much about a Works Cited page such as writing college research papers.
~~love and Huggs, Diane

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