Don’t Worry, I’m Here

My inbox has been busy asking if I am okay, how’s life, etc.
I didn’t realize that my blog audience could get so concerned if I don’t post for several days.

The picture of the treasure bag was last Wednesday.
That evening I had a test in my State Government class, and then a quiz in Math class on Thursday afternoon, so I was pretty much a zombie by twilight.

Friday morning was for putting together the birthdays favors.
I tend to overthink these things, trying to decide pretty stickers and which color of bookmark I made for whoever.
There were four to fill, with one envelope to be done in time to hand over to the mail carrier so’s I could neglect the walk to the post office.

The treasure bag was a mighty success.
I gave the wrapped package to the dad, with the instructions that the birthday girl should open it near a table since the many small items might get scattered all over the car.
Years of feedback from other parents means I know some of the drawbacks of my generosity.
A little while later, he came back and said she wanted to open it with me right there before they left church.  We went to an empty table in the Fellowship Area.
One of her Sunday school classmates was also in attendance.  There was much ooooing and aahhing, especially about the polished stones and “so many Stickers!”
Dad liked the Indian lady dollar coin found at the very bottom.  He said he didn’t know they were still around.  I told him that is because people tend to think of them as gifts and not for everyday use.

Monday was for grocery shopping and laundry and cooking an actual meal of baked chicken for supper.
Then getting the tax envelope into the big blue mailbox in time for the postmark.

I didn’t even pick up the crochet hook all day or evening.
As you can tell, not much happening around here.
~~love and Huggs, Diane

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