Striped Comfort Shawl

I first learned about the Prayer Shawl Ministry through the website of Mennonite Women USA.  In early December, I read that Mennonite Women needed Prayer Shawls for a conference.
This could become my next project, as soon as Christmas items were finished.
When my mind became definitely done using the colors green, red, yellow, and white, I went into my stache behind the couch and found skeins bought on Clearance last Spring. 
Gray, salmon, bright pink, plum.  100% cotton, name brand Sinfonia, a high quality yarn.  Nice for a shawl.  Although the recommended hook size is an E, I crochet kinda tight, so I went up to a size F.

The idea behind a Prayer Shawl is to say a prayer, hold good thoughts with each stitch.  Knitters usually use a three-part pattern, signifying different ideas that might come in threes.
God/Jesus/Holy Spirit.  Birth/Life/Death.  Child/Adult/Senior.  Body/Mind/Spirit.  Past/Present/Future.
Found a crochet pattern which might have a ‘three’ sequence.
The rope stitch is a double-chain-double in the same space.
It also moves along very quickly, so I figured I could be getting a whole shawl done over Winter Break.

I began the shawl on December 18, while sitting in the very back of the auditorium during the Christmas program at church.  Little Angels filed past, and the Wise Men.  When the Baby Jesus was held up to be presented, I held up my chain and first half of the first row.  I didn’t think there could be a better blessing than that!

With this color combination, I thought the stripes would look better going across my back.  60 inches is quite a bit longer than the bookmarks I had been making for the last couple months.
I must admit that I didn’t say a prayer with every single stitch.  But I did try to work on it only while in nice surroundings, or watching good movies and TV shows, or listening to uplifting music.  This has not always been the case when a hook and yarn is in my hands, so knowing I was conscious of the input for positive vibes is at least a step in the proper direction.

When I was about 8 inches into the production, I sent an e-mail to the lady from the website.  She replied politely that there had been enough volunteers already signed up, so I should find another fine receiver for the shawl I was making.  I hadn’t realized I should have signed up first.
Another tie for a Prayer Shawl is that it is not supposed to be sold for money.  Even if the money is for a good cause, like a church bazaar or missionary trip.  A shawl is worked with love towards interpersonal communication.

The border got tied off on Saturday January 14.  Not even a month from start to finish.  Maybe I had a bit of incentive.
There are three more projects coming up before Mother’s Day.
Last Sunday, in the church Worship Service, when comes time for announcements, I wore the shawl up front and tried to explain this story, and that the shawl needs somebody to be keeping warm and comfy.
I’ll tell ya, Folks, I earned a B in Oral Communications class at HCC, but when I have a microphone and my voice is echoing all over the building, I get really nervous and my voice cracks.
Even amongst friends I have known more than 20 years!

There are no takers for the shawl yet.  To everything there is a season and a time to every purpose under heaven.  If I get too many names, I’ll put slips of paper in a hat and pull one for the name of the receiver.

Prayer or Comfort Shawl 100% Sinfonia cotton (click the top two pictures to embiggen each)

~~love and Huggs, Diane

Update: 01 July 2006 the route by which I chose the recipient

the destination of this striped Prayer Shawl when I spill the beans

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