Five Weird Things About Me

Five Weird Things About Me
Over at Decrepit old Fool and also What Was I Thinking? there is a meme going so I thought it might give me something else to write about here.

My preference is to believe these are smallish quirks which make me unique, not necessarily weird.

1) I never learned to play chess.  This doesn’t mean that I don’t like to move around little figurines.  I have a Fisher Price Nativity scene with the people, and another with hand-carved wooden pieces, and a Fisher Price barn with all the animals and tractor, and several Precious Moments statuettes which get organized from time to time.
Usually when I feel like I am losing control of circumstances in life and need to feel bigger than something I can hold in my hands.

2)  When I’m sleeping, I want the blankets tucked around me, with no way to have any poof of air coming in on a knee or rib.  This means that the queen size mattress might be under both Husband and me, but we have separate and smaller blankets and afghans to call our own.
Well, as much as sharing the bed with a couple cats allows.

3)  When my sisters and I were little girls, we called ourselves ‘daddysitters’.  It was understood amongst us that if one of us went along when Dad was drinking, he didn’t order so many beers because he knew he would have to get the kid home.
I haven’t been inside a bar but one time since I was age 21, and that was for a going-away party and it gave me the willies so I didn’t stay long.
When we go to our favorite restaurant for Chinese, I always walk around the building into the front door, even though the door into and through the bar is closer to the parking lot and means less time in winter weather.

4)  Sharing the car with others of the family who drive is difficult for me.  I want to have the seat and mirrors in position for Me!  No leftovers and other refuse going along for the ride.  Take it out as soon as you get home—the trash bin is only 4 feet away!
I want to be able to tell a friend I will be glad to pick her up on the way to a meeting without having to worry about the smell inside my vehicle or clearing off the seat.
And the Trunk.  Only an emergency blanket and a couple other necessities should be kept in there.  To open the boot and not have room to set in the groceries drives me up a tree!

5)  I like to send nice cards.  Birthday, Sympathy, Anniversary, Graduation.  Usually enclosed is something I have crocheted, plus stickers, clippings from published sources.
I have a chart with dates and names.
Although last Fall semester, a few folks got overlooked because of Composition class assignments.  I tried to make up for it within the newsletter sent out the other day.

6)  I have combs in strategic places all about the house and in my purse and coat pockets.  I have two cowlicks in the hair of my head, and even though I gel them every morning, I still get concerned that they might be sticking out.  My hair doesn’t grow very well, it is very thin and scraggly, so I keep it trimmed pretty short and run a comb through it fairly often.

7)  Even with three college Math classes inside my brain, I still have trouble stopping with the number Five.

No Tags coming your way.  If you choose to do any admitting of this kind, please come back and let me know in the Comments.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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