Shadow Symptoms

This is the morning after a hot and restless night.  The furnace seemed to be running full time, even though when I checked the thermostat, I saw that it had been moved down to the agreed upon temperature.  These hot flash/night sweat symptoms seem to get worse when I drink cola, especially if it is made with high fructose corn syrup.
My spouse shrugs, my son says I have trouble making connections.  But I drank 12 ounces of Pepsi Tuesday afternoon, and paid the toll long into the night.

The boy cat was sleeping by my feet, so I gave him a shove and made him jump down to the rug.  That lasted about 10 minutes, cuz he likes the comfort of the mattress same as we humans.
I got up and walked barefoot on the cool hardwood floor to the kitchen and drank a tall glass of water as cold as my teeth could stand.  That helped, so I went back to bed, took off the top afghan and slept a whole two hours in one stretch.  The water had the backatcha effect of having me get up again to go potty after those two peaceful hours.

Returning to the bed, trying not to disturb the working man and his much needed rest.  Finally got into a comfortable position, and dozed awhile.

I could have sworn someone touched my shoulder.  I felt the pressure, the warmth, the reassurance.  Half-awake in the gray dawn’s light, a full 15 minutes before the alarm was set to sound.
I looked all around the shadows of the bedroom.
No one was there.  Why would anyone be?
And yet, the nerve endings of my left shoulder still tingled, as if caressed by a loving hand.
Husband was sleeping, his breathing slow and regular.  The boy cat stretched out by my shins.  I could hear the girl cat scratching at the door of Chris’s room, so I went over there for her.  Young Son appeared to be still sound asleep.
The house had only the usual creakings, motors, fan noises.

Who had touched my shoulder while I was sleeping?

Times like this is hard to set aside ideas about ghosts or angels and spirits who share our world.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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