Let’s call it an Update

Today is my mother’s birthday. I would go looking for a picture to put up here, but she doesn’t do anything with a computer except play a couple games.  Her pretty card with signature will arrive late, seeing that it kept being forgotten to be put out for the mail carrier until yesterday afternoon.

Being able to communicate electronically sure has made my life easier.  My cousin Brenda sent a link to her photo site where I could see her children and grandkids enjoying Christmas.  A nephew and his bride sent a link to the site where I could see last summer’s wedding pictures.  An e-mail to the church office manager about supplies for the kitchen.

Husband is more tired than usual for a Tuesday.  He used up much of the weekend building a portable computer network to be taken off campus for registrations.  Monday, he carried the computers, monitors, and boxes of assorted necessities down the stairs of one building, loaded them into a van, then up the stairs to another department.  Then they get to do it all again in a few days.  No wonder he needs to keep his strength up and muscles toned by going to the gym.

My reminder about the writing of the family newsletter, promised a month ago, was not appreciated.  In order to clear the air, Chris has come up with a very reasonable substitute.  In a little while, I will commence working on stuffing envelopes.
My friend Amy, who is usually the last newsletter sender of the season, put a handwritten note at the bottom of hers saying she is waiting by the mailbox for ours.  She included a cute picture of her two grandbabies.  If that ain’t incentive to get moving, I couldn’t say what would be better.

The dentist says the reason I have been having problems in the upper right side of my mouth is that the tooth in the very far back, the one with a humongous filling installed the summer of 1989, has cracked.  The next step is a full crown, which must be done in two stages/appointments.
Our deductible and co-pay will be $404.
This is not happy news, coming the week of college tuition payments and that Chris’s car needs a new muffler.

This morning’s paper had a full page article about a family with 16 biological children.  They do a home-school education and are building a bigger house debt free.
There are several folks I know of my parents’ generation who did the very same lifestyle, but I don’t remember anyone thinking so much of it that there needed to be writing in the newspaper.

I’m registered for Spring semester classes at HCC.  The last two Required classes are the other half of the Math for Elementary Teachers Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, and a Political Science class on Wednesday evenings.  Then an elective,  Activities for Young Children on Tuesday evenings, which I hope will be an easy A because of all my years of motherhood, Bible School, and daycare teacher.
This frees up all the mornings, with Mondays and Fridays full days open.  I suppose I should be looking for a part-time job, get some pocket money.  Counting dimes is not something I like doing, although I have been very good at it all my life.

Echoing in my ears are the words of a former co-worker:

It’s not getting all that you want, it’s asking what will you settle for?

~~love and Huggs, Diane
ps My in-house Tech is working on upgrading the weblogs.  I am way behind in giving him the information about my preferences for my categories and links and fonts.
Your patience is appreciated.

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