Sitting Walking Movie

The phone rang and a recorded message came on to remind us that “Someone in your household has an appointment at … Clinic on Friday the 5th of August at 8:30 am”.

That would be DoF for some More tests.  Eleven months since the bicycle accident, and More tests.  It may be about time to face it, he may never be perfectly well again, and maybe we should be glad it wasn’t the worst that coulda happened.  Meanwhile, he does the exercises the physical therapist expects of him, and walks up steps rather than take the elevator.

Anyway, I wanted to go with him because it is an hour’s drive to this specialist, and sitting in the waiting room crocheting is much easier on my imagination than being at home worrying about him being too tired for the highway driving home.

Crocheting with brightly colored bedspread cotton and a size 8 steel hook sure gets folks to notice and begin conversations.  I heard about how someone’s great aunt did tatting, a church charity auction,  a baby blanket being knitted for a niece’s baby coming in September, a bag forgotten in the car yet now the doctor was behind by 20 minutes and all she had to do was read the old and tattered magazines.  Next time we go, I’m taking a box of newer reading material with us to get stuff out of the house and under needy eyes.

By the time Husband returned, we both were needing LUNCH, as in Feed Me Now.  The plan was to park in front of middle son’s house, then walk to the eatery.  This sounded fine to me, I have only been over there a couple times, and son has no driver’s license, so if he can walk it, I can too.  The walk was approximately a mile in 20 minutes.  This old broad ain’t in shape for that, and man, was I glad I had on walking shoes with good cotton socks.  This is something living with DoF has taught me, it is better to be comfortable than fashionable.  Sandals and that trek and my body would have been even more miserable.  If I had to do this every day, my backside would be much more healthy.  I decided that trying to find a parking space closer would have been difficult in its own way.

We had lunch of Mexican food which was so-so in flavor and generous in portion.  Didn’t matter, at about that time I could gladly have gnawed on pickled pig’s feet.

Then came the walk back, off the main drag, but through the pretty commons area, where all the buildings put up a good front.

I noted that at crosswalks, folks in town as visitors walked whenever they thought it would be okay in regards to cars stopped, not when the light changes. 
All persons with U of I college employee ID tags or were about the usual age of students, these folks held back and waited for the Walk signal and then there are timers counting down how much time remaining before the light changes.  Husband says this system is upheld because a couple people got run over by vehicles when they tried to beat the light.  Jaywalkers are given tickets quite regularly, the locals walk by the rules.

This evening, I wanted to be sitting again.  What a day.  Parked on my butt all morning crocheting small bookmarks, a two mile hike in the heat of the day, then crocheting a blanket with big hook while watching a rented dvd this evening.

FINDING NEVERLAND starring Johnny Depp and Kate Winslet is as good as the reviews last autumn said it was going to be.  This is the first time I have ever liked the story of Peter Pan.  I had to do a book report in 4th grade, and even then, could not understand why a kid would never want to grow up.  Being the oldest, I had a responsible childhood.  I never have been good at pretend.  I saw the movie version with Mary Martin, and the Disney cartoon in a theatre.  Shrug.  Then last fall, the book was assigned for my kiddie lit class, and I re-read it 40 years after the first time and Still underwhelmed.

But this movie is about the guy who thought it up, the fella who stayed a kid at heart, and the family who inspired him.  Behind the scenes, what brought about the play of Peter Pan.  In the scene when the children and their guardians came walking up the street towards the theatre, I understood, finally, about the innocence and wonder of being a child, and I tossed away a few practical ideas.

After I had put the dvd back into its case, Husband and I listed some other movies with the plot of the making of a movie.  He had watched one about a vampire, and we watched ORGASMO about pornography, and then there’s Alan Alda in SWEET LIBERTY.

The theme is not new, yet tonight I saw something with a fresh outlook.  It’s never too late to learn.

And now my aching feet have to get to bed.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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