A Temp Job

Oy, where did the weekend go?  Here it is Sunday evening already.  I have the iron warming up so I can get DoF’s work shirts and a couple other pieces of clothing done.

I was the church janitor for a few days.  For a couple evenings, all that meant was checking around and locking the doors. 
For Saturday though, I ran the vacuum cleaner over what seemed like acres, cleaned all three bathrooms, swept the kitchen floor, moved wall partitions, and set up tables and chairs for Sunday School.

Sunday morning, I did my Fellowship Class hostess bit, and there were donated cookies! to go with the coffee, plus we had a guest speaker and his voice sounded nice coming in over the mic.  I didn’t see what he actually looked like until he came back later and got coffee and a couple mints.  His body didn’t go with the picture I had in my head by listening to his voice.  He’s much older than I had thought.  Maybe that’s why I like listening to certain DJs on the radio, and I don’t like it when I see a picture of them on a billboard.  I want my imaginary person to match with the voice.

After the dishes were washed, I decided I’d have lunch at home before doing janitor job.  It put a couple extra miles on the car, the going back and forth, and with the price of fuel being $2.58 a gallon…..ah well.

Clean-up wasn’t too bad, considering all the people who had been in the building for several hours.  Getting kiddie fingerprints off the glass of the front doors, emptying wastebaskets, vacuum the entry areas.  It rained today, so the pads were messy from folks wiping their feet.  At least we know their mommas nagged them enough so that they remember to do it.

I think I’m on through tomorrow, but the schedule doesn’t have anything happening, so probably I’m not busy until lock-up.  Then again, the regular janitor may be back by evening.  More than happy to return his job to him.  It sure gave me a workout.

The iron clicked to show that it is up to temp.  Gonna go.
~~love and Huggs, Diane

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