Stuff Portrait Day

Today is Stuff Portrait day over at Kristine’s Random and Odd
She wants us to get out of the house and take a tour of the neighborhood.

First, we have the way we get there.

Usually, I am in the silver car, the one parked in the middle. 
The ‘67 VW Beetle Bug is DoF’s hobby.  He’s gonna get it running properly some day, and then we’ll have a real road trip! 
The van is for when youngest son is hauling band equipment, or whenever one of us takes the items for re-cycling to the drop-off place.

This is what I pedaled for one mile west of my house.  And I came upon a pretty mailbox,

which is across the road from acres and acres of corn.  Our county has proven that it has some of the best soil on the planet.

This is a test field for the ISU Agricultural program.  People actually have to go to college to learn how to feed the world properly. 

Also, we are supposed to show our favorite place, or what might make us happy where we live.

riding my bicycle one mile south of my house is Latte Time, and it’s where DoF and I meet for lunch quite often.
There is an Open Mic a couple evenings a month. The owner has a foreign accent which is quite charming to hear in the mid-West.

This is our church building, a place where I seem to be on a regular basis.  The architect designed it low and close to the ground.  Part of it is even underground, to bring in the idea of the old soddy houses that the homesteaders used. 

This was a really fun subject.  I estimate I put about 5 miles on the bicycle, but my knees wanted to quit at 3. 
Now, I really need to take a shower.
  ~~love and Huggs, Diane

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