Lunch, Algebra, Speech

Oh, my goodness!  My last post was Sunday!  I’m sorry I was away so long, but that’s why I left you such pretty flowers and poem, because I knew I was going to be so busy!

Sunday Noon, was a going away luncheon for my friend Sue.  She’s my best friend here in town, but she’s selling her house and moving to Indiana to be closer to family (cutest grandkids ever!) and relatives. 
I served in the church kitchen, and also managed to take some pictures.  Husband was asked to be the official photographer, and he got some lovely shots with his OLYMPUS. 
That afternoon we were making photo adjustments in shades and cropping on two computers before putting them all on a CD.  I walked it over to her house on Sunday evening, and I explained about taking it to WALGREEN’s to get prints.

Ever since then has been study and homework.  Algebra is graph and algebra for Systems using The Harvest Model, the Business/Market Model, the Growth Model and their applications.  Tuesday’s test came back with an 83 of 100, which is a low B.  I’m holding my own at a B since mid-term grades were issued. 
Homework takes about two hours for me each evening.  I’m not yet real quick with the graphing calculator. 
One of the girls in my study group had her homework done before she left the classroom today.  Plus she got a 10 of 10 on her quiz. I got an 8 of 10, but I asked if I could take a picture of hers just so I could know what it truly looks like. 

Then a Persuasive Speech was due Tuesday.  When I announced over doing dishes in the church kitchen that my chosen topic is LEGAL PROSTITUTION there was utter and complete silence.  I think even the machine had just finished its cycle.
I explained that my job was to Persuade, not fully Agree.  Although I do believe that services provided for money should be Legal so that health regulations, zoning codes for brothels, business taxes and income taxes can be assessed.  A hairdresser has to have a license, other health care workers have to be Certified, why not prostitutes?
The Speech was due Tuesday, and I was about 60% ready for it then, and I might have bluffed my way along, but I asked if I could wait until Thursday. 
My excuse was I had a bit of a problem within my mouth, with something caught under a gold crown and swollen and bleeding gums.  If I could not floss or rinse it out, there might even have come a trip to the dentist.  Wednesday morning, finally dislodged a bit of pineapple, you know the little stringy bits….feeling so much better.

For my Oral Presentation, I led off with the old family story about one of my paternal relatives being a Madam, one with a good reputation in her business, and the cops often looked the other way when cruising down that street. A personal story which got their attention and a few smirks, but when I explained this knowledge had clouded my perspective as to what is Legal, Criminal, Moral, a few heads were nodding.

Let me tell you, doing Research for 5 credible sources on the Pro side of Legal Prostitution was time-consuming.  I really wanted to go about it from the health perspective.  Where prostitution is legal such as the Netherlands, sex workers have a labor union, condoms are mandatory.  The only place in the USA where legal prostitution is practiced are certain counties in Nevada.  Health violations are punished fully for all parties involved.  There are no streetwalkers where brothels are zoned.  No one has to climb into a car with a stranger and be abused or even murdered.  There were a few chuckles when I said that the equivalent of Bouncers work in legal brothels.

About halfway through my presentation, when I was reading a quote full of statistics, my mouth was very dry and I stumbled a bit, but the Conclusion came out fine.
I fielded 6 questions at the end, and my thorough research had brought up the answers. 
I did have a cool drawing from the Chicago Tribune newspaper to put on the overhead, and I handed out copies of
Steve Chapman’s column from Thursday July 14.  There’s a reason he gets paid to write, he is damn good at it.

At the end of the class time, as I was putting my papers into my carryall bag, I asked the Instructor if I had done okay, what with the mix-up of words.  She said I did better than average, and on the Question-and-Answer I “kicked butt.”

When I got home, Husband asked me all about it, said he had confidence in me.  Then he went off to the gym and I came over to tell all of you about it.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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