—by Walter Lewis Smith

I have worked in the fertile earth and
planted a garden, so I know what faith is.
I have listened to the birds caroling in
the early morning and at dusk, so I know
what music is.  I have seen the morning
without clouds after showers, so I know
what beauty is.

I have sat before a wood fire with old
friends, so I know what companionship is.
I have walked the paths of quietness along
the forest floor, so I know what peace is.
I have dwelt in the valley of remembrance
and on the hills of home, so I know what
love is.

I have seen the miracle of spring, the
fruition of summer, and beauty of autumn,
followed by the repose of winter, so I know
what life is.  And because I have perceived
all these things, I know what God is.

the flowers are in cousin Brenda’s yard in Fairbanks.
The poem is copied from IDEALS magazine January 1964.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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