Stuff Portrait Day

This is participation in the Stuff Portrait Day, but I’m not sure who started it.  During my weblog perusals, there seems to be too much in the way of hair care products, and I am not about to worry about my fine, thin, inherited from Grandma B hair.

So here we go.  Clutter and sentimentally mine.  The actual pictures may be a bit fuzzy, I tend to jab at the shutter button.  Have had that camera for 5 months and still don’t use it properly. Plus I need to get this done.  While it is fun to do, I have a list of errands to accomplish and want to be out the door by Noon.

The bookcase Husband built for behind our bedroom door.  I have read about 90% of these little gems, and cannot part with any of them.  My comforting friends when real people are not available.

It goes from the ceiling——

to the floor—-

Next we have the Inbox in the kitchen.  Husband built this when the sons were getting a whole bunch of mail pertaining to college entrance.  Note that the middle one is empty because Dad took a laptop and a bag of mail to Middle Son at college last week. 
Ideally, we empty it daily.  Uh Huh. 

My Audience lives near my computer where I can see and talk to them.  I labeled the picture The Gallery.

Hope you have enjoyed the little tour.  This goes to show we are either busy or crazy collectors.
~~love and Huggs, Diane

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