My Favorite Drink

Right out of high school, when I was in LPN training, one of the hospitals where we did our Clinical studies, there was Red Rose tea in the cafeteria.  I fell in love with the stuff, and always got hot tea at lunch and iced tea on my break. 
When we lived in Tennessee, Red Rose was not available, but I found JFG tea to be a fine substitute.  There’s nothing quite like leaving a gallon of water with 5 teabags sitting outside on the porch to make suntea.  After a half cup of sugar is added, the best iced tea in town.

Then we moved to Illinois.  I couldn’t find any teabags that I liked, and believe me, we tried many that first on the prairie hot summer.  Not only is sweet-tea not heard of in restaurants in the North, but I couldn’t make anything good enough at home either.

So I asked my friend back in Tennessee to send boxes of JFG teabags.  I got my sister in Ohio to send Red Rose teabags.  For Years we carried on this way, and my family’s tastebuds were happy.

Last summer, I went to a grocery store across town I hadn’t been to before.  They carry Red Rose teabags!  Talk about one excited customer!
I sent my sister an e-mail saying she is saved from having to shop and send for me any longer (not that she minded.  Sisters do things like that.)

During my time as Hostess in the church kitchen, I have added little touches of hospitality, and Red Rose teabags are in the cupboard there.  Apparently, there was a luncheon the other day, and Red Rose tea was offered.  A guest just raved over it, and asked her member/friend where to get some.  The question was put to me this morning, so I mentioned the proper store.  All the way across town, but worth the trip, really.

Now there’s gonna be a gift box on its way.  I mentioned to the member that the website has recipes and other items in the company store.  I didn’t explain about the Whimsies figurines in each box.  They make great little giveaways to children.

Little touches of niceness do mean much for some folks.  I hope your favorite drink is obtained easily, and when you have it, there’s good company, too.
Now I gotta go brew something to sip.  The weatherlady says it is a chilly 55o outside.
~~love and Huggs, Diane

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