My Day so Far….

Dear Ones,

Today is Husband’s birthday.  He doesn’t want to make a big deal of it, and it does come just a day after Mother’s Day and I didn’t want a big deal, so we are going to balance out.  He has caught up to me.  For a whole month, we are the same number age.  He doesn’t like the way I do the math, maybe that is why Algebra is so hard for me to figure out.

First class today was Composition.  When I walked into the room at my customary five ‘til 8, the Instructor asked about my Mother’s Day.  I replied that after I did my thing in the church kitchen in the morning, I got home and took a nap, then typed a six page paper revision.  She asked about any celebration.  Well, that will come when we are not so tired and so busy.

Algebra class is a Review day, and I think I might be able to do factoring if someone asked about it. 
We shall see what happens when the Final Exam page is put in front of me on Tuesday May 17.

I went to the bookstore to buy the official folder for the Portfolio.  I had $1.98 in change on me, and my purse was locked in the trunk of the car at the far end of the parking lot because I don’t like to tote it all over campus.  Books are heavy enough.  Tomorrow the bookstore will get the full fee of $4.18. 
What a racket!  Any office supply place, the whole kit would be less than $3, but I guess I should count travel time and convenience.

Stopped and got breakfast at McDs on the way home.  Leisurely meal at 10am while reading the paper is such a treat.

Had a dentist appointment at 11:30am.  Routine cleaning and x-rays reveal a 5 pocket between two back teeth, when a 3 means I should be alarmed.  The hygienist cleaned it out real good and squirted in antibiotics and said it is good that we caught this in time and keep up the good maintenance. 
Uh huh, if I was doing so good with brush and floss and forgetting the Pepsi and peanuts while thinking about a Composition paper, would I have a gap in the gums already?

I wasn’t allowed to eat for an hour after the application of the medicine.  It so happens that the dentist office is across the street one way from Kroger and the other way from TARGET.  Good thing that breakfast had been so late, because the fridge is bare, the grocery list was long. 
I went shopping, and even knowing nothing should go into my mouth, the tab came to $100.  Seems like just as the sons leave, the grown-ups have to start watching the type of food intake and ingredient labels, and get vitamins and other supplements.  The bill averages about the same, no matter how many coupons I clip.

At home, as I carried in the groceries, I discovered a hairball on the porch.  Not sure which of the felines presented this little gift, but it sure put the rest of the morning into perspective.
~~love and Huggs, Diane

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