Report of Grade

Dear Ones,
The chapter 7 test in Algebra came back with a 40 / 100.
Two missed were because I went too far—I put the real answer over the other number and made it into a fraction.  Three were because I misunderstood the directions and did a graph with points rather than lines—he only took 1/2 off each answer because he said the point was in the correct place, but I was supposed to draw lines according to the slope.

One question I had no idea and simply wrote Undefined.  The answer was Neither.

My grades so far say I need at least an 88 on the Final to pass the class with a C average.
It’s gonna be a rough couple weeks.

Husband says if I have to take the class all over again, we can do that.  There are three students in my current class who are on their second go round.  It looks like one of them is about the same place I am with the points needed.  I sure hope she makes it, that we all make it.
~~love and Huggs, Diane

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