Spring Break and Retreat

Hey, Folks, this week is HCC and ISU Spring Break!  All three members left in the house are having a vacation!
I had forgotten the joy and hope that comes with a week off in the middle of March.  In daycare, any time off by the regular school system means more energy needed at the center.

This morning, there was a meeting of the Women’s Group at church.  Several cut squares for a shades of red quilt, and three of us pinned and handstitched the borders for a few baby-size knotted comforters. 
When I got home, I talked the budget over with the wage-earner, and he says there is more than enough for me to register for the Women’s Spring Retreat out at the church camp, with a fine Speaker on the schedule. 
This is something I miss most with me not having a job….the money.  When I was working, there seemed to be enough for what I would call the extras.  I never questioned a a little purchase, and we always talk about anything more than $20. 
Nowadays, even hand lotion from the AVON lady brings up a question in my head.  We lived for such a long time with so much worry about every dime, and if a son should break an arm, or another trip to the dentist, or new tires on the car.  College costs are still with us, and retirement looms ahead, but for the most part, money woes break even and getting the missus out of town for an overnight has payoffs better than cash.  His first words were “Ah, I’ll get to stretch out in the bed.”  He says I worry too much, we do alright with financial planning, and he gets along at his job with the university.

This afternoon, Mahalia and I took a nap on the couch.  She parks herself on top of my lower abdomen and upper thighs, so when I need to get up, I have to lift her and the afghan, then do a half turn to put them comfy onto the couch as I stand up.  She barely even knows what is going on, and continues to snooze for more than an hour longer.

After a supper of homemade chicken and black bean tacos, Husband and I walked downtown to return a Penn and Teller dvd and pick up the next of the series.  This is not easy for us, the walking together.  Not only is he 7 inches taller with a longer stride, he does exercise with a much more regular routine than I do.  We managed though, I had to do a little skip only once in order to keep up.
Where there is a will, there comes a way.
~~love and Huggs, Diane

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