Unanswered Pleas

also from the April 1952 Easter IDEALS magazine

Unanswered Pleas
written by Edgar A. Guest

If every prayer were answered, and granted every plea
Our cares would not be lightened; no happier would we be.
For should I ask for sunshine, my neighbor hope for rain,
Though one of us was thankful, the other would complain.

How wisely things are ordered, with much we cannot know!
Into the future bravely we all are asked to go.
For joys that are denied us, the reason’s never plain.
The loss at which we grumble may prove tomorrow’s gain.

What’s best is seldom certain.  What God has willed and planned
Not always at the moment can mortals understand.
But this I must remember: were God to favor me,
What served my selfish purpose my neighbor’s hurt might be.

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