Trying to pace myself

There was a memory/ request from a buddy asking why I don’t seem as funny since I got my own blog.  The history of that is that I have been writing for oh, I’d say almost three years now, but just last month is when Husband fixed me up with EE and the Internet.
Originally, I sent e-mails to my sisters and a couple good friends since childhood.  Then my mother-in-law got a connection for e-mail, plus my sister-in-law, and a couple more girlfriends.

One day, someone asked me to put her friend on my mailing list so that she could stop doing a Forward.  Then a girlfriend went out of state to continue her schooling, so she said that my writing, even with such a widespread audience,  was like getting news from home. 
I think the last count was 46 for mailing on the Dear Ones List.
Husband began his own first blog on one of the freebie hosts.  He decided that he might as well plunge in and pay for service, and after he got good enough with Cascading Style sheets plus more techie knowledge, he set me up with my own writing outlet. 
I think mine is technically a sort of Page Two of his, which is why it takes an extra few seconds to load, but I’m just guessing. 
It is wonderful to have a hubby who figures things out and props me up.
Well, anyways.  I got my MINOLTA XG dImage digital camera during Christmas break.  I am learning how to use it.  Most say I am making great progress. 
This blog and I have been together for less than a month.  Actually, he set up the first Post the same day I had my first Algebra class at the community college. 
The next day was Composition 101. 

The wonders of the Internet and Spring semester as a college student do not snuggle together well in my head.
There is a whole bunch of learning to do and only 24 hours in a day.  I am not one who takes on challenges well, often waiting until the last absolute need, being pushed by deadlines and whining (for myself and others) to get anything done.  It is one of my personality characteristics, and one of the foibles I discuss with my Therapist during our sessions (which happen every 3 weeks).
Rounding back to that being funny thing, well, I am trying.  I went looking through some old folders for an essay I wrote around this time last year.  It was about the simple task of getting fuel into the car.  Alas, search and read for an hour did not turn anything up.  It may have gotten lost when my computer crashed in August, but who can say?
Meanwhile, I have the rough draft of Paper 1 to think about.  When I do a GOOGLE search for head lice, the number 530,171 appears in the window. 
Who the hell cares what this old broad should say about them—personal experience or not.

Then there is an Algebra test tomorrow.  On the practice test of six problems, I did miss one.  Sorry to disappoint you folks, but I really cannot find anything funny about Algebra. 
The Instructor is quite a character, but I think ya just have to be sitting there to know it.
Read whatever I post, but know that the priorities are greatly skewed away from entertainment.

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