Friday Fractions

Hello, Folks,
I am sooooo glad it is Friday.  Seems like the week had an extra day in there somehow. 
The main events have been that Husband had a visit to the Audiologist for the results of the tests.  The dizziness is not caused by inner ear problems.  He got a referral to the neurologist, which won’t be happening for several Months.

My sister’s husband fell 18 feet off a ladder doing his maintenance job.  He was alert enough to answer all the questions put to him by medical personnel, and THEY DID NOT CALL HIS WIFE!
I am wondering if that is because of the Privacy regulations, or because she is working so hard that he did not want to bother her.  His shoulder got dislocated, but otherwise he’s quite bruised and sore. He didn’t even lose his glasses, which seems to say that his head is fine.
Their college-age son brought his dad home after he was discharged, and Denise found out about it all when she got home from work! 

Online, I read the hometown newspaper and saw the Obituary of the mother of a friend since 8th grade had passed away.  Susan and I haven’t been real close the last few years, she doesn’t do e-mails, but Christmas and birthday cards always happen.  This weekend, I will set aside the latest baby afghan to crochet a cross marker to put into the sympathy card.

The Algebra test came back with only an 84.  One of the errors, I had it right the first time, then went back to check my work and changed the answer.  Damn!

I stopped and put fuel into the car on the way home from class.  I hate that gasoline smell on my hands.  Back when I got my driver’s license, the first time I had to get gas, I pulled up to the pump and a fella who sat kitty-corner to me in Study Hall came out of the building and asked how much to put in. 
Fill’er Up! I told him.  Then he went round the car, checking the oil, wiping all the windows (and headlights).  I felt so important.  Then he took the credit card, had to take it inside to do the paperwork, then brought the clipboard back out for me to sign off.  I thought it was so nice of my mom and dad to have a gasoline credit card.  Dad said he never wanted to go out to start the truck in the morning and have it be empty.  Whoever drove one of the vehicles had to make sure there was plenty left for the next driver, and we carry that tradition on with our guys.

I was just looking over all this writing, and I know it would never work for the Composition class.  There is no Proposal, Claim (argument), Conclusion.  I don’t have many Supporting Details.  I did not begin with an Outline.
However, Husband pays for bandwidth on the Internet, and we live in a country with free speech amendment intact (at this time).

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