Romance is happening!

This being the week of Love and all, I have had occasion to have some conversations about it. 
The first was Monday itself, when I had an Advisory meeting with my Instructor about Paper One.  I managed to earn an 87 on it, having some extra credit points, and that is just about all the effort I am willing to put in on head lice.  Writing to formula just ain’t where it’s at for me.  When one comes across as intelligent in writing, one usually gets responsibility thrust upon her, usually without money to help matters along. 

My everloving spouse says I should broaden my horizons, but he gets Standard Written English as a genetic trait from his mother, who makes plans and can express ideas in ways I don’t even dream of.

As I was leaving the conference room, as the last appointment for her day, she said she would be meeting her husband at a local coffee shop.  Their sons were still at daycare, it was a romantic holiday, so as a couple, they decided this would be a nice break in the middle of worktime . 
She had gotten the idea from me, actually, when I said that Husband and I had watched the sunrise from our seats at McD’s for breakfast.  Parents of young children need to snatch a date whenever opportunity arises, otherwise they forget how to be married rather than parents.
The other evening I called my sister Denise to find out how her hubby is doing after his accidental fall.  She said he has returned to work, but is taking it slow and easy.  Doing some physical therapy exercises to keep from getting stiff, otherwise letting time do its healing.  They are planning a cruise in the Caribbean the end of this month to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary.  She married a guy from the old hometown, our dads knew each other at the mill, and his sister was in Girl Scouts with me.  They have one of those “comfortable” loves which have taken all sorts of hits and bombs, yet they come out together, stronger and wiser. 
I had to drop something off at our church building, so I did that and ran into a fella doing pretty much the same thing.  It still tilts me a bit to see other members there on a weekday, in stained jeans.  On Sundays, he is always dressed nice, clean-shaven.  We chatted a bit, then he said he had to be going, he was meeting his wife for lunch.  I gave him a knowing grin and said something about a Nooner.  He looked quite flustered for a second, and said, “Well, no, not exactly, it’s at a public place.”  But I said that with him being retired, he should have the time for anything.  And being married, he didn’t have to answer to anyone for his whereabouts with his own wife.
Here I sit, still smiling to myself a bit, knowing that I managed to get a man in his late 60s to blush.  I wonder if he mentioned anything to his wife.  She seems the type who might be open to suggestion.


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