Staying in on a cold night

I drove over to IWU for a concert that had been announced in the paper as beginning at 7pm. 
Parked blocks away, walked past 7 huge buildings, got to the one where the music was to take place.  A small sign on the door saying it had been moved to another hall.
Walked past 4 huge buildings, climbed at least 30 steps, and when I got to the door, the lady apologized and said that the paper had it wrong, the concert starts at 8pm. 
She was laying out CDs of the musician/performer, so I asked if I could buy one, there and then.  I handed over exact cash, then was on my way.
There was no way I was going to wait around for an hour on a snowy evening when there is a comfy couch, plenty of teabags, and a large bag of fresh yarn to get into.
Husband just put a vhs tape into the machine.  HELLFIGHTERS with John Wayne.
Will write something else at another time.
Hope your weekend is cozy!

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