A little this and that

There are a few things going on, but I am too busy to get them in order, and too tired to type. 
My wrists hurt because I am the church janitor for most of a week.  The regular guy had to go out of town for a funeral.  Dry mop, wet mop, vacuum, move wall partitions, carry tables.  And tomorrow all over again.  Besides which, the dishwasher was leaking, so I had to do some detective work and mop up that mess.  What doesn’t kill me builds character.

Last night, DOF and I went to the historic Normal Theatre to see a movie VERA DRAKE, but I am too tired to figure out how to get the link to work.  The plot took place in 1950 in England, and the woman worked as a maid, but on the side “helped girls” by an illegal action.  Moved kinda slow, but then most British movies do.  Pro-choice, pro-life, whatever her reasons, she got sentenced to two years in prison after one of the girls nearly died.  I would say she was practicing medicine without a license was her worst crime.  Not letting her family know about it was next. 
I got my Algebra homework mostly done this afternoon.  Son Chris tried to be a good tutor, but the information just isn’t connecting inside my brain.  Practice does not make perfect, but I gotta pass this class to get going with the stuff I really want. 
Whenever I figure that out, you all will be informed ASAP.

golly, look at the time.  The sheets are calling.  Pray the rain stays just so, because if it gets colder and turns to snow, I will have to clear the walks around the church building in time for the HeadStart class there and me to be at Algebra.

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