Live on the Radio!

On Wednesday evening, Husband and I were at a meeting where someone we haven’t seen in awhile showed up.  The things a person can learn while listening to a guy who has lived most of his life working the corn and soybean fields.  I would like to say more, but I didn’t ask him if it would be okay, and there is a confidentiality clause when we have our get togethers. 
Let’s just say that being with a good friend is a nice way to pass the time.

When we got home, there was a note from Chris saying the band was in Bloomington at IWU radio station WESN.  He wrote that we should Tune In at 10:30pm. 
Well, I was tired enough already, so I got ready for bed.  While doing so, I turned on the little radio that sits on the stand, and adjusted the dial.  Sure enough, the announcer gave a little pep talk, then the guys began to play—Live over the airwaves! 
Having heard the practice often enough, I could see with my mind’s eye all the fingering and know who next would be stepping up close to the microphone.

They played a couple of their usuals, then they joked a bit with the Announcer.  Sounded like a bunch of fellas who are good friends having a good time.  Except for that little while, they were not in my living room, they were on the set of a radio station!  The inside jokes, the finishing each other’s sentences.  These are guys who spend much time together and do alright about it.

There was one song I haven’t heard before, and the singer seemed a bit nervous.  I thought because of being Live on the Radio—why, the whole county could be listening!
This morning, I told Chris it should become one of the standards, what a heartbreaker of a song.  They are still working on it.  Music and lyrics and practice take a bit of detail.

Such talent is growing hereabouts.  College classes, the paycheck jobs take up so much time and energy.  There will come a day and opening for fame and fortune.  Sooner rather than later, eh?

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