Simple on Sunday

Iffen you ever want to have some fun at a public gathering, take a 50% off coupon and go buy a little toy duck which goes QUACK when you press its back.

I got one while I was out and about the other day, then took it to Fellowship Hour at church this morning.  Little kids, old guys, middle-age ladies get soft expressions when confronted with fuzzy cuteness.
And the stories….oh my! great way to get folks to talk.

Also on hand was a pretty rainbow-colored hat which I had worked on the round knitting loom, the pattern of which turned out quite by accident, but is lovely nonetheless.

100% acrylic, and very warm.  The boy I made it for was absent today, but there comes a long winter ahead, so he will get it eventually.

Husband and I went out for lunch at Latte Time.  I had a hankering for an Artesian Chicken sandwich on panini bread, and gee whiz, it was yummy!

A Sunday siesta on the couch with Mahalia snuggled in next to my ribs, some blog reading this afternoon.

This evening I had to go to Kroger to get a specific flavor of 9 Lives canned cat food.  They’ve consumed only dry kibble for a couple days, while the seafood flavor in bowls was ignored for hours, then at long last tossed into the trash when I couldn’t stand the smell in the kitchen any longer.
Not that the beasts are catered to or anything like that.

Husband is watching The Simpsons on television.  I can hear the voice of Sideshow Bob, so he must be out of prison for awhile.  Poor Bart is having to watch his back all over again.

I’d provide more links, but lately we have had a terrible time with spam getting over the firewall.
Closing comments on old posts is a pain you know where.

I think I’ll go see whazzup in the kitchen.
Some good smells wafting over.

~~love and Huggs, Diane


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4 Responses to Simple on Sunday

  1. Diane J. says:

    I love the pattern on the hat! Isn’t it strange how those patterns emerge sometimes when you’re crocheting?

    My 2 kitties are spoiled, too. But my 14 year old, old lady cat is almost toothless, so she can’t eat the dry food. I have to put down canned food twice a day for her. I think she lives on air and water at times because I throw away so much food that she turns up her nose at. They both go through spells when they won’t eat certain flavors, then all at once they act like it’s something new and can’t get enough of it. Same brand, same flavor. Weird!

    Hope your week is a good one, Diane.


    Diane J.

  2. Pam says:

    Love the hat-the spiral striping is great, and the bright colors really make it ‘pop’! VERY nice job there, lady! My cat is the same way; he gets both dry & a little bit of wet each day and it’s the ‘wet’ he turns up his nose at; various flavors, various times and I do the ‘toss it out’ thing, too. Today’s my first day of ‘all alone’ since before the holidays; husband is back to work after vacation, youngest is finally back to school after pneumonia, middle son is at tech school…it’s just the cat & me! Sigh…what glorious peace & quiet!!! Now, off to do all the housework/laundry duties to whip this house back into shape!

  3. Maria says:

    The pattern on the hat is wonderful and reminds me of a rainbow and a beautiful day.

    The duck would make anyone smile and what a handsome mallard he is!

  4. Doris says:

    I’m looking at the hat and wondering how you get the spiralled pattern to match when it is turned up like that. It does look turned up. That’s genius!