Having it Easy on a Sunday afternoon

My Sunday afternoon dvd movie was Raising Helen.

I loved it because John Corbett (pittypatty heartbeat) is one of the stars, Hector Elizondo is funny (golly I laughed so hard when his toupee blew away), and Kate Hudson is just as adorable as her own mother, Goldie Hawn.
The price was right, used once for $2.

aand, I worked a hat on the round knitting loom

Tomorrow, we’re going over to see what son Lucas has done with his place in the month since we helped him move his stuff.  We’re donating/ delivering our old vacuum cleaner because we bought one weighing less, meaning it is easier for these old hands to use.
Also going will be a recently refurbished bicycle, a nicely seasoned cast iron skillet, and an ice cream scoop.

Setting up a new apartment makes for recycled, easy gift-giving.

Happy Monday/ Labor Day/ end of Summer!

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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3 Responses to Having it Easy on a Sunday afternoon

  1. Pam says:

    Your hat looks ‘just right’ for the coming winter but…you didn’t state if it’s going to grace your head or as a gift? (I can see you wearing it to school!). Nice job-looks really warm!
    Happy Labor Day;

  2. momma says:

    I remember when I got married -I had run off- my mom gave me an iron, two pillows and a couple of pounds of hamburger. Or when Wes went to bell and Howell to school and He sent used stuff with him. So I guess we all help our kids with things like this.

  3. MrsDoF says:

    We just got back from Urbana. Traffic was a bit more than I expected on a holiday.
    The girlfriend’s bicycle was accepted with subdued excitement. She looked greatly proud while going on a practice run. Husband worked hard to get it going again, and I think she is quite grateful.

    The iron skillet is one I bought for $1 at a yard sale. It is a good name WAGNER, but rusty, not a bit of black showing.
    I scrubbed it inside and out with steel wool, salt, and warm water, left it in a 300o oven for an hour, then gave it a good rub with olive oil.
    Looked better than a newbie seen in a store.

    The hat is 100% acrylic lofty yarn, Yes, definitely warm.
    By the time Chris got a good picture of the hat rather than his mom, I was glowing.
    I tried to colorize only the hat, since that is what I’m trying to show off!
    It will go into the pile I am getting ready to give to a nursing home benefit Fall Fest happening the 4th Saturday of this month.

    Gotta go. The work shirts need ironing! with an iron I looked all over stores and the web to find.
    I wanted one flat on the bottom–no need for steam or the holes (which leave funny looking marks).

    Finally got it at the Vermont Country Store, and paid a bit more than I should have for an appliance made in China.
    Isn’t everything?