A Week in the Summer

Trailside Market sweet corn

Diane shucking corn for supper

The way I cook it
I have a gas stove
Bring a pot of water to a boil.  Shake in some sugar.
Add ears of corn, one at a time.
Bring water to a boil again.  No lid on the pot.
Reduce heat to medium low, set timer for 5 minutes.
At the beep, turn off burner.
Let the corn sit there in the water for 5 minutes more.
Remove ears of corn from water to a platter.
Enjoy with salted butter.

Beside shredding old papers, which brought forth my 5th car load to the recycle bins, I have been busy all week.

I held a newborn baby, watched a man get baptized in the Anabaptist tradition, attended the funeral of a long-time neighbor, the wedding of a girl who graduated high school same year as my oldest son, and a Fellowship Meal where I sat at the lunch table with somebody my own age.

All these activities seem all inclusive of what it means to be a person, a member of the community.

Also had some hobby time when I baked zucchini nut bread to take to my husband’s office, banana nut bread for the luncheon, crocheted 2 cross bookmarks, 3 potholders, and put 9 rows on the latest baby blankie.

Hope your summer is doing as well….

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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5 Responses to A Week in the Summer

  1. momma says:

    Never thought of putting sugar in the water to cook the corn so next time I’ll try it. You have been some busy lady this week. I am proud to be one of the recipients of a bookmark and will treasure it. Thank you again.

    I’ll bet after five trips to the recycle center there is an echo when you walk into your house. Is this projct any where done yet?

    Brandy and I have spent a lot of time in the log swing since my brother got ill. So now every time I walk out the door she heads to the swing for a quiet couple of minutes together. Rose is a Rose in the comics has her tree to lean against and I have my swing and Brandy.

  2. MrsDoF says:

    Ah, that’s sweet, Mary, you bringing up Rose and her thinking tree. I love that comic.

    The ‘clear the study’ project is about half.
    At the beginning, I was thinking the month of July is what it would take, and yeah, that’s about how long is the working.
    Three bookshelves are bare, and I haven’t decided what will go on them.
    I can see the top of a table, and parts of the floor.
    The closet has been only partly refilled, so it’s my hope that some of the keeping stuff can go in there.

    The basement is quite damp since a water leak last Spring, so we have had to throw away several things stored there. I want the rest to come upstairs into a better climate.

    No, there isn’t an echo, but it’s not for lack of trying.
    Being married and raising a family for so long won’t allow me total clearance.
    We have a home, not a museum.

  3. Evelyn says:

    It’s a great picture of YOU and the CORN!
    I can almost smell it! YUM!

  4. caroline says:

    Nothing is better than michigan corn in the summer.
    You’ve been really busy.

  5. Tee says:

    I haven’t shucked any corn this year cause I hadn’t heard anyone say it was real good. Maybe I’ll get a few this weekend and check for myself 🙂

    BTW. just wanted to let you know I’m having a blog contest again.

    The prize this time is a kid’s prize pack including 3 computer games.

    Good luck if you decide to enter!