Sad, but dancing

A little while ago a friend called with the news that JUDGING AMY (my favorite TV show for the last two years!) has been cancelled from the Fall schedule.  So I am very sad.  Husband says it was coasting downhill anyway.  I’m wondering if there will come along another show for which I would be willing to re-arrange my own schedule, or at least set up the VCR for it when necessary.  The folks who make TV shows seem to forget that anybody above age 35 might like to see someone they can relate to.

The reason I feel like dancing is that a CD ordered used from arrived today.  Love Songs by Richard and Karen Carpenter.  Chris didn’t want me to play it when I first took it out of the wrapper, so when he drove away with a buddy, I slapped this little tune boon into the player, cranked it up with the speaker next to the screen window, then went out to the porch where my crochet bag waited.  Had to sway a little bit first, then I managed to sit still long enough to put the border on a crochet cross.  Sometimes this dead-end street, excuse me, cul-de-sac, is as empty as a stadium after the game.

Husband got home and left it keep playing.  He just turned on the TV with the close-caption going and watched a rerun of The Simpsons on screen while listening to music. 
He can be so thoughtful so often.
~~love and Huggs, Diane

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One Response to Sad, but dancing

  1. Cindy says:

    It began innocently enough, but I had no idea where it would lead. I had become reaquainted with someone in my past. At first, communication was typical. But as time went on, I was introduced to the object of my addiction. My friend was so perfect at getting someone involved; she never actually told me to try it, only talked about it and made it seem so attractive.

    I started with once a week. Quickly, I realized what my friend had been talking about for so long. I eagerly looked forward to my next hit. I began looking for other sources of supply, and weekly became almost daily. I sought out other sources to appease me until the next time. I found others with the same addiction and we would quietly talk in the hallways at work. I was truly hooked.

    And now they’ve cancelled Judging Amy.

    Thanks, Diane.