Latest Little Yarn Things

Everyone keeps asking if I am ready for the Holidays. I am not.

But I have been helping many OTHER folks to find some cheer. Already helped decorate 3 trees in various classrooms settings.

This morning, snapped a picture of the last of the mini-stockings I crocheted.
Total 52, and I wore out my interest in making any more. Put away the proper hook, and the bin is now only 1/3 full of little yarn balls. Went rummaging thru other boxes until I found scraps of pinks and reds to knit the gift bag on my red plastic peg loom.
Favorite colors of a little girl in Kindergarten. Now it’s done, so my next yarn project will be a blankie for a baby due middle of January.

last of the mini-stockings, and a gift bag for Christmas 2011

We rode our bicycles on a nice sunshine morning out for breakfast. Three of the stockings went to the Servers at the pancake place on the corner of Main and Raab.
The lime green was chosen by the youngest gal, saying it is her son’s favorite color. There is a mission effort to work on Prayer Shawls, but I tell ya, a little crocheted stocking at a good place and time can give a whole bunch of cheer.

Today will have some grocery shopping. It’s my turn for Fellowship Hour Hostess at church tomorrow. Also need to work up a batch of Puppy Chow (by Request) for a Holiday party this evening. And the wrapping of the gift for the game at the party. Then the going to the party.
Might move past the door to the storeroom in the basement for digging out the house decorations. I set up fewer each season, even if more and more come along over the years.
HHhhmmm… the Bah! Humbug attitude could kick in anytime. I’m too busy to notice.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

Oh, I almost forgot: a knitted hat for Youngest Son’s sweetie. She likes the color, and says the LION Brand Tweed Stripes Yarn is nice and soft and warm.

Adult hat knitted of LION Brand Tweed Stripes color Wildfire

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