It was a Good Week of Spring Break

These were done while I was home during Spring Break.

I will be going to my Needlework Group this afternoon. For ‘show n tell’ I have a pair of potholders, a baby hat knitted of sport weight yarn (on the doll’s head), a baby hat of 4-ply yarn, and a crocheted tote bag.

Husband says I should write something on my blog, aka too long a time has passed since I wrote something for the blog. Many times when I tell him something that happened at work, or a phone call, or about watching a blue jay bird in the yard, he will look across the table and tell me “that’s worth blogging about”.
And he often mentions things he reads on other people’s blogs, or someone’s 15 seconds of fame in the blogosphere.

So it is not for his lack of nudges which keeps my writing at this place being neglected.

I was off a whole week for Spring Break. It was a fun time. I rested, for the most part away from people. Since I’m older now, it doesn’t bother me to be alone, with music and crochet hook keeping me company.

One day, I took a friend’s daughter to the local zoo. We got there in time for the meerkats to have their breakfast, then went on down the path for the sea lion feeding.

And definitely exited through the gift shop. Lunch, and a card game, and dropping her off at grandma’s.

One morning, I had a dentist appt. I seem to be doing the floss and brush procedures well enough, for there are no new problems in my mouth.
Across the street from that office is a crafts store, so I always stop in while I’m in that part of town. I learned that Hobby Lobby will be carrying mainly its own brand of crochet hook, which is made in China. Not that I, myself needs any more crochet hooks, but I don’t like the limits in selection for newbies I might be wanting to teach, or send out for supplies. Having a tool in the hand is very personal comfort, plus a different hook is useful while working with a variety of yarns or patterns. For having all kinds of shopping opportunity from all parts of the world, what is actually in the aisles is the same thing over and over.

Went to a TA Sub job on Monday. Fairly easy duty. It’s my thought that the regular TA isn’t given a whole bunch of responsibility by the Resource teachers. Plus, being the first day back after Break, all of us were adjusting to routine again.
Did piles of photocopying for several teachers getting ready for last quarter lesson plans. Back in the days when Husband was working in a photocopy shop on campus, those machines needed someone to hover, monitor, and keep the pace going.
In the years since then, running a copy machine has developed into a few touches on the screen, then organized pages drop into the tray.
At least if the person reads and follows the directions on the screen. I had to demonstrate for 2 other people how to get the nicely stapled results coming out for me. And admonished one that the lid should be closed when making a copy, because that 2″ of black ink along the edge is wasted toner.

Monday evening, my right foot decided to become painful. I had walked home in old and slouchy shoes, so I figured having been off a week, my body was getting adjusted again. Taking off my shoe and sock, there was a lump on the top of my foot, just behind the pinkie toe. And it seemed to be hurting more when standing.
Tuesday, I went to the medical clinic and had x-ray taken. Doc says it doesn’t not seem to be stress fracture; most likely tendonitis.
Stayed home Wednesday and rested some more.

My crochet hook, and round peg looms have been good friends through all this. Now I’m working on a bedspread cotton baby blankie, for a little one due the first week of June.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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