Natural Balance on the front walk

With sad news today, I must report the demise of a bird with yellow and brown feathers. It was found by me on the front walk at 7:05 this morning, with a broken neck and its abdomen torn open.

In what seems to be a freak turn of events, it looked as if the bird was hit in the head by the newspaper tossed from a car stopped at the end of the walk. The corner of the folded paper had a bit of a dent in it, and there was an exact straight mark on the side of the bird’s head.
This apparently stunned the little bird so much that it remained still enough so that Oscar the cat could pounce.
There were no signs of defense put up by the bird.

I took the plastic wrapper off the newspaper, then used it along with a napkin from my pocket, to pick up, bag, and dispose of the feathered corpse.  There were no other witnesses.

Oscar was allowed indoors, looking quite pleased with himself, where he sat on the rug in front of the sink to do his morning grooming.

When I got home from work this afternoon, Oscar wanted to be let out the front door. He went straight to the scene of the disturbance, where just a couple small feathers remain caught in the grass.

We must pray that the bird was not a parent trying to support several babies in the nest in the maple tree.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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