What a Day Off is for…. .

When I was a kid, we were allowed to ride the bus or walk downtown in pairs. I didn’t go alone, but usually a cousin or sister or girlfriend was available. We musta been 9 or 10 years old, riding the bus and it was okay! For a modern version, go read Free Range Kids gotta love that blog!

Anyway, I was thinking about a chore I had during summers back then. There was a certain day of the week ?Friday? when Mom did not have to go to her job at the shoe store until Noon. So she would write checks, put them into envelopes, leave them on the table with a note telling me to “pay the bills”.  A few times, I had to drag all my sisters with me, or else they would stay and play at a neighbor’s house, but usually it was my friend Irene or my cousin Marie who would be with me. Sometimes, they had to do the same thing.

So we would walk downtown and stop in different buildings.
Phone Gas Water Electric Insurance Furniture

a couple bills got paid at a bank, at different windows
I loved the bank, it was air-conditioned.

After the new library was built, I was in 5th grade when it opened, the library was air-conditioned also, so we would find a reason to stop in, usually to go to the bathroom.

When I was in 7th grade, a gate was put across the little hall to the restrooms, and the key had to be on request from the desk clerk. That put quite a halt to the junior high kids goofing off during lunch hours, but also sure put a squelch on having a nice little rest before heading home again.

Reason I’m thinking of this is today, a lovely Spring day when the bank sign says the temperature is 79oF, I decided I would pay the bills in person rather than trying to find proper stamps. I have very few up-to-date stamps in the folder, we have to add and over cents quite often.

After a meeting at church this morning, I sat at the breakfast nook table, wrote checks, paper clipped to paper sections with account numbers, then worked out my travel route, trying to do only right turns.

First stop Post Office, to mail off a couple packs, and to buy FOREVER stamps. Then to insurance to pay the homeowner’s policy, dentist to pay the overdue bill because I maxed out our dental benefits last year (2 root canals and 4 crowns co$t $money plenty!! a bit of fun (one cotton skein on Clearance) at Hobby Lobby, set up appt for air-conditioner maintenance, water bill into drop box in front of city hall, credit union, crochet hook request at the only dealer store in the county (because 2 crochet hooks broken in a month have me somewhat pissed off and I think there is a life-time warranty on ADDI brand)

As I was driving up Main Street towards home, I realized that half a chicken thigh and a slice of rye toast at 11:30am was not enough food to tide over my tummy much longer.

So I pulled into McDs. Ordered a burger and frappe.
Impulse $7.12 spent because LUNCH not on list.
But those were some good eats, prolly cuz I was truly hungry, not eating as routine.

What was that 7 stops? in and out of the car, walking across parking lots, or around the corner down the street.  No way would I have tried that when I had youngsters in car seats. Kids sure can be a burden.

I feel like I got something done today. Even if there is a basket full of folded towels which need to be arranged in the linen closet, and looks like 4 of Husband’s work shirts are waiting near the ironing board.

This evening is a recital on campus, I’m so there…
Youngest son Chris will play guitar as part of the combo.

~~love and Huggs, Diane
ps I just remembered that I meant to check a different grocery store near the credit union to find my favorite Fragrance Free H E laundry detergent! Darn it all, there’s barely enough for 3 loads left in the jug 😡

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