An At Home Day with Girl Kitty

There’s nothing on tv this evening, at least what I might want to watch.  And I already used up a few hours beside a sunny window with a crochet hook in my hand.  I might pick up Yarn and tool again in a little while.

Mahalia girl kittycat is doing better.  After breakfast and her shot of insulin, she played with her glove in the living room, then had a nice morning nap.  After her Noon meal, she wanted to go out the front door.  I watched from the window. She sat on the top step and surveyed the area.  After a few minutes, I opened the door and asked if she wanted to come back in.
She looked over her shoulder, then back out across the yard, gave a little murmur of NO, then hopped over into the grass.
I watched through 2 different windows as she paced off a 3 corner territory, stopping to sniff at a bush where a stray yellow cat likes to sit to watch us.  The temp got up to over 40o and the sunshine brings a hint of Spring.

A few minutes later, her paw was on the screen of the front window, so I answered the door to let her back in.  She went straight to her water dish, had a nice long drink, sat on the rug doing a little grooming, then settled in her chair for her afternoon nap.

I’m not sure I want to leave her alone to go to a Sub job!
I like knowing that she’s eating, and enjoying the yard during the day. And Spring Break is weeks off yet!

When I checked SubFinder this morning, there were a few jobs, all at the high school, and all names I don’t know.  Because I’m not familiar, I was not in the mood for an adventure.  Last time I tried that, I had to change diapers on a kid big enough to be playing football if he did not have problems. And only one other aide was willing to help with lifting, which is not teamwork.

The last school board meeting notes say that most Assistant jobs will be eliminated next year.  Fewer regular positions mean fewer Sub opportunities. Next question is “what will happen to all the students with disabilities?”

And what other job might give me the freedom to take time off to nurse my girl kittycat?

Now I’m getting myself into a darker mindset, so I should stop typing now.
I’ll go work on the peg loom with green and blue ombre yarn to make a baby hat.

Husband is on the treadmill. He’s so faithful.
I haven’t been on it for 4 days. Crochet is not nearly enough exercise, and my backside knows it.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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