We’re Still Making Adjustments

Since I had not eaten a thing since ramen noodles last evening, I really had a hankering for a McDs Sausage and Egg Biscuit.
I got up when Mahalia decided it was time for me to get up, even tho her appt. is not until 1pm.

We got through the morning routine of my medicine, and her medicines, fill the critter bowls, then I gave Husband a smooch to send him on his way on his bicycle to his job.

I went out and cleared my car of the freezing rain that was covering it, then drove past the ISU dorms and crowds of students making their way to classes.

At McDs, the drive-thru lane had a long line of cars, so I decided to go inside and have my breakfast.

Not being with Husband, I felt off-kilter.  I ordered my usual meal, but forgot a newspaper.  McDs has the local paper for a quarter on the same bill.  I sat in a different seat than he and I do together, again because being there alone is unusual. There was a paper left on the next table, so I claimed it to at least read the front page.

Then I realized I had forgotten the cholula sauce.  A McDs sausage and egg biscuit is not quite ready until the hot sauce soaks in to join the grease on the bready part.

So I finished the hash browns, re-wrapped the sandwich, made sure the lid tight on my coffee, and came back home.

I found Mahalia in an odd position almost unconscious on the rug between the kitchen and living room.  I had to rub a bit of corn syrup on her tongue, lift her and rock her and keep talking to her until she rallied enough to eat a couple more spoonfuls of wet cat food.  I made her walk around a little to get her system to send insulin to all parts of her little body.

Good thing she goes in for a re-check in a little while.  I’m going to ask again about how much food at a time, how often to keep her levels in balance, and how much Total food she should have in a day.
And I will write down the answers because my hearing does not always connect correctly inside my brain.  Written notes can be referred to as often as I need to.

I had to re-heat my sausage and egg in the microwave, put it onto a cold biscuit, and drink lukewarm coffee.
Mahalia sat on a magazine about 10” from my plate until I gave in and let her nibble a marble size bit of egg.

So much for having a solitary and anticipated meal.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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