Little Eyes have Big Ears

Yesterday morning worked as a TA Sub job in K-gdn.
One part of the schedule was for me to be leader of a Reading Group of 3 in a different room.  I’m seeing some real cognitive delays in that bunch of kids, meaning this extra intensive attention is needed.
During that time, a couple little girls came in with mini-cupcake treats for the adults, probably extras from a birthday snack in a room down the hall.

Even though I am a Sub, I was given a sweet.  I thanked her nicely, then set it on the corner of the table after they left the room.
My students had watched with great interest.
One said I should eat it, but I said “No, I can’t eat it now while I am On Duty, so I’ll have it at lunch time.”

(Delayed gratification at work.  Later I learned that 88% of the students in that class get Subsidized Lunch)

When it was time to leave that area, I carried my goodie back to our regular room, and set it with my bag on the edge of the desk.  A child asked me about it.  Before I could reply, one little girl who had been in Reading Group spoke up.  “No, she can’t eat while she is On Duty so she’s gonna eat it at lunch time.”

A nearby TA made a little breathing noise of surprise, caught my eye, and raised her eyebrows at me as if to say “Now what made HER say That?”  Apparently even though the child’s visual clues aren’t up to age level, she has not much wrong with hearing and parroting skills.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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