A Little Time Free

Well, last evening there was one TA Sub job on the schedule, but I decided to wait until later to see if anything else bubbled up.  Early this morning, SubFinder said No Jobs Available so I guess this glorious autumn day will have to enjoyed in a way which does not bring in wages.

I went out into the yard to fetch the newspaper which had landed in the grass about 12 feet from the steps, swept leaves off the front porch,
taking awhile for leaning on the railing to just breathe in, breathe out, moving my neck and chin but feeling no pain jab through my jaw.  That moment is one to savor, to remember for all my days.  I realize that I have had pain in my left cheek pretty much since last year at this time.  The tooth second from the back and its broken crown is what gave me trouble all through December, to the time of misery so that I called off being in the church Nursery, yet still ended up with a root canal in July.  And now a month feeling the tooth behind it, work done on Monday.

Yesterday, the endodontist’s office gal called to check with me about any complications, but I asked if I can reduce the pain meds, they tend to make me sleepy.  If I don’t need it, then don’t take it!

I’m reading a book about a boy in Africa who built a windmill.  He is a bit younger than even my youngest son, but seems so observant and knowledgeable.  Like many of the Africans I have met in real life, he has a nice way of telling a good story, almost like I can hear the lilting accent as well.

There are many other things calling me, so staring at this blue screen seems lower on the list.

You all have a nice day.
Mine looks open and promising.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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