Education Happens

Today’s job was at a junior high in the homeroom for students with Autism (that may not be the most recent and proper term. sorry).

The usual schedule is that once a student has completed a schoolwork type task, the timer is set for some “free choice” time.

So, one of the boys worked a couple pages of Menu Math problems, then chose to go to the computer to watch a program on the PBS website.  He was wearing headphones, but I could see the screen had wolves and buffalo (although he said BISON out loud) and other critters pertinent to a national park.

When time was up, he willingly logged off and gave his seat for the next student to have a turn at the computer.

I asked him something about the wolves.

He turned towards me rather quickly
and said “Not School Work! NO Questions!”

Nothing quite like putting learning into categories

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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