Same Action, Two Meanings

When I was a kid, there was a show on tv with the name Dark Shadows.  A couple of my friends rearranged their hours to be able to watch it every afternoon, but my mother absolutely forbid viewing at our house because
“it had vampires”.

Not that I think she ever watched it herself to decide,
she often just passed along information from someone at church or beauty shop.

I didn’t care much, I usually prefer what I’m reading and watching to have very human characters.

These days, I am working in junior high schools where at least one copy of the book TWILIGHT is on a desk and eagerly opened up during free reading time.
And one girl got in trouble with the teacher because she was trying to tell me all about the movie, even though I had tried to shush her myself, was not encouraging at all.

It seems the vampire theme has come ‘round again.

I have not read any of the TWILIGHT book series, and do not plan to see the movie.  A couple of my favorite bloggers Kristine at Random and Odd, and Susie at What was I Thinking, who have teenage daughters, have written very good posts about TWILIGHT, and I trust their input about as much as I can muster up the interest; paycheck job of interacting with adolescents or no.

On Easter morning, I was sitting at the back of church while communion was being passed.  Although I was baptized when I was young, and the minister spoke a wealth of background and blessing for the symbolism, I decided not to participate because a memory had surfaced, one of the times my mother said terrible things about vampires and blood, and works of the devil.

Vampires of lore drink blood, which is a terrible thing, I guess.  I’m told the vampire in TWILIGHT drinks only the blood of animals, which is why many parents allow the kids to read it.  Yesterday, I put a wonderful beef roast and potatoes in the crockpot and we had a feast for supper.

During communion, there was a song about drinking the blood of Jesus.  I can’t find the lyrics on the ‘Net, but communion is all about how Jesus’ body was broken for you, His blood shed to wash away sins.

Sometime back in those days of Barnabas Collins and arguments with my mom and having church activities shoved at me, I remember thinking that vampires drinking blood and Jesus cleansing blood must be some really great storytelling.  And why did my mother not see that the same action meant different things to other folks?

Anyway, I did not take communion on Easter morning, a high holy day for Christian believers.

My mother lives two states away, yet is able to still cause me to have inner conflicts.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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