Television Day at Home

Four years ago, January 2005, when G.W. Bush was inaugurated as U.S. President, it was a day I would be at home from my college classes, and glued to the television.

I wanted to do the same again for this special occasion when Barack Obama takes the oath of office, so I clicked the school computer grid to say I would be Unavailable to work as a TA Sub.
Little did I know I would miss two days last week due to inclement weather and schools closed, but this is a day in history, and I do love to watch all the television camera angles and hear talking reporters.

The weather in DC is about the same temperature as here in Illinois, except we got an inch of snow overnight, while the crowd there got to rally on open ground.

The media coverage was all I wanted, and then some.

Although I did not get any housework done other than to empty the dishwasher, I crocheted two potholders, and knitted two baby hats while sitting in front of the tv.

Just to show how much more lazy I can be, I ordered pizza to be delivered for supper.

It’s due to arrive any minute now, so away I go.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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