Common Cold where it ain’t wanted

P.L. wrote:
How you’re feeling? I noticed your email that said you were going to work one day, sick & all.
Hope your head/and other body parts, will soon be feeling better.  It’s never any fun when you know you’ve got tons of things that have to be done (dishes/laundry/etc.) and you feel like crap!

Wishin’ ya well, friend;
Pammie 😀

Hello, Pam, and Thanks fer askin’,

This week, Yes, I wish all had been better.  I missed Monday and Tuesday as Sick Days, even though I don’t get paid when I lose Sub jobs.  I did call the medical office, but the nurse listened to my symptoms, then said I should “wait it out” take over-the-counter drugs for the common cold, and see if I would feel any better by the end of the week.

As promised, I did go to work Wednesday, taking cough syrup so that I wouldn’t sound too bad.
They needed me, actually any warm and able body.

Wednesday evening, I sat on the couch with a peg loom and yarn in my hands, and watched PBS- tv, a National Geographic Special about Stress.
I fit into several of the situations, both pro and con.  By the end of the show, I decided my lifestyle is pretty darn good 🙂

However, because watching the program was so interesting, the hat I made then has a couple mistakes in it.
Not enough for notice by the unskilled eye, but I will donate to a charity rather than real gift to a relative.  There is enough yarn left to make a whole nother hat.

Thursday is a good day of the week, and I got to be in the Nursery during the Mother’s Bible Study time.
The younguns were little angels, and I musta read 8 storybooks in a row.  My voice got a bit hoarse, but a couple glasses of water brought big relief.

I bought a sandwich meal for my lunch, then parked at a place with a picnic table under a shade tree and enjoyed a quiet 40 minutes watching a scene in a quiet part of town.

Needlework Group in the afternoon, and there was much for Show-n-Tell by the other friends.  We are getting ready for a Craft sale the end of November, so we want a good variety.

Friday, another pre-arranged TA Sub job at a junior high, in a classroom where the lead teacher is soooo organized, the assistant leaves detailed notes for her Sub,  and the students are expected to work to the best of ability.

Plus, being the last Friday of the month, there was a bit of a party for the last hour of the day.  I got to hold one end of a yardstick while Limbo music was playing.  The boy who went to the lowest height was amazing.  He might go on to the Olympics someday, he is just that flexible and athletic.

When I signed out in the office, I told the clerk that was a good day to help me on my way to recovery.

Today is Saturday, and Husband and I went out for breakfast.  He is on Day 3 of his cold, about where I was Wednesday.  He wasn’t pleased that I shared my germs,
no not at all.

The obituary page of the paper has the name of a student from the Special Needs at the high school.  In some ways, I am sad, but I know that the kid is in a place where he can finally have some rest in peace.  Hebrews 13:2

I am feeling much better than I did on Monday.  Only an occasional, low cough, even without medicine.

I will be volunteering with a Fall Fest at a residential community this afternoon.

Now, I have caught you up on my news.  I still have pictures from Women’s Retreat and some of my latest yarn items to putter with, and will get to them in due time.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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