Quiet Fourth of July

The sound of firecrackers is still coming every now and then, but I do believe the celebration of our nation’s birthday is winding down.

Lucas came home yesterday, and Chris came by bicycle today.  We took it easy, just the four of us.

Salmon fillets on the grill, some good garlic bread, veges, fettucini noodles.

Husband did some bicycle repairs on the patio, I worked two baby hats on my loom, the brothers pestered each other and petted cats.

I loaded the dishwasher here and pressed all the buttons.

Then it was time for Chris to go, and we drove Lucas back down the interstate.

While some more bicycle repairs happened in the parking lot of the apartment house, I washed dishes by hand in Lucas’s kitchen.
How the kid left overnight with stuff all over the counters I can’t imagine.  He certainly did not get my attitude to never give bugs a reason to be around the food of people.

He was passing through at some point and said he “heartily approves” my activity.

So the bicycles are ready to ride again, yet a different one is in the car now, needing to go up on the bench.

The drive home happened just as small town fireworks were going.

Such a beautiful sight, different directions across the prairie.

Time for bed now.  The end of a lovely summer day.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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