New Hook is very Nice

latest pair of cotton crocheted potholders

A couple weeks ago I was reading a crafter’s blog, and she was going on and on about her ADDI crochet hook.  It seems ADDI hooks are made in Germany and the comfort handles are a dream to work with.

I had never heard of them, so I went looking.  I’m a bit tired of so many things made in China.  I donated all those hooks to the supply drawer at the activity center.

I found an auction on E-bay where the seller was willing to take a money order, but the bidding went way higher than I am willing to pay for one more crochet hook.

Then I renewed my quest around the ‘Net.

Lo and Behold, Angelika’s Yarn Store actually in USA’s far Northwest, has ADDI hooks as a regular item.

I ordered the size to make potholders, one for me, and one to send on to Aunt Ruth.

The blue grass color yarn in the picture has been in a bag in the corner for a few months, ever since I bought it in the clearance aisle of Hobby Lobby.
It seemed appropriate to get it out and initiate my new hook with such lovely yarn.

I do like the ADDI hook, but I will still be using other hooks depending on the project and what mood I’m in.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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