the Finishing Touches of Spring Break

It’s 9:30 o’dark and I am one tired old broad.
The cell phone got some use after Sunday Service.  I was in the church parking lot looking at one completely very flat tire on the the passenger side rear.
Thar’s a nail in thar.

My knight in brown car showed up, bringing his heavy duty jack that he uses to work on the VW Beetle Bug, and put on the spare.  I drove home without worry, and tomorrow is a TA Sub job at a building I can walk to.  I’ll think about tire repairs after work.

All afternoon, I was catching up the tasks I have procrastinated while I’ve been on Spring Break.
While I was having it sweet and sleeping in until 7:30 every morning, I did not do any ironing, or sorting of crochet patterns.  I got some from E-Bay, a couple friends have given me a few, and others are out of print so I went out to make color copies.
So much potential, so little free time.

What I did not do yet is fold towels.  That chore is so far down my list from enthusiastic.
Maybe on a weekday OPRAH will have something I can watch while I make neat piles.

The treadmill routine is getting there.  I’m still at 10 minutes in the morning, and my left knee says that is still just enough.  I am beginning to feel a difference in my pace while I’m walking across a parking lot, to tread with confidence.

The nicer weather means I’ve chatted with neighbors.  No yardwork done on this property, but many others around the block are shaping up and looking fine.
So much responsibility, owning house and land.

Sometimes I think the Aborigines have the right idea with going walkabout.

Thank goodness the cats are already fed and outside doing their last potty break.
Bedtime is nigh, yet I still have to make sure my school bag has all the stuff I think I need to fulfill my working hours.
Have a great start of the week.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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