Time at Home on the Weekend

Saturday evening Husband and I rode our bicycles down to the Normal Theater.
We watched Manhattan Short Films.

Sunday morning I was in the Toddler Nursery at church.
What Fun! doing the singing and stacking blocks and reading.

Sunday evening and there’s still one thing left to cross off my chore list.
Sweep the kitchen floor
Well, it ain’t gonna happen tonight.  I did have the broom out yesterday because I dropped a couple corn chips, but the corners of the room have cat hair by the heap.

Oh, and the towels got sorted and folded, but the piles were returned to their baskets.
I guess I’ll put those away tomorrow
after work.
I’m getting back into the mental groove of having a job.
Much to accomplish on the two short days of the weekend.

Yeah, I’m working some more as a TA Sub on Monday.

SubFinder computer system called 7 times with Available positions.  None were the one I’ve been doing, so I pressed the Negative reason as “prefer another position”.
Finally, about 7:10pm, it called with the one I will stay with until the Permanent Assistant is hired.

I think I owe it to the students who need stability, and the Lead Resource Teacher has come to rely on my tutoring skills during Study Hall.

I’m about to go get settled on the couch to watch SHARK on CBS.  In my hands will be the knitting loom working a cute little baby hat for a fun kind of busy.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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